Free and Flea Market

By the grace of God and with some dedicated volunteers, Visitation PIHDM has once again scored successfully in another project .The free/flea market held in Catholic Centre on 30/10 & 31/10 raised a total sum of RM4027.00. 
This money will be channelled into the PIHDM fund to continue our work in reaching  out to people in need.
All the items given were sourced from our church Laudato Si, 3R (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) project ,and also from some kind parishioners who supported the flea market.  They ranged from clothing, cuddly toys, books, household items, bags, shoes,  decorative objects, accessories, carpets , electric appliances and 2 Christmas trees.  
Volunteers worked diligently for 8 days to set up the Free/flea market. Fr. Xavier β€˜s occasional surprise visits gave a good boost to them all. The idea of the F/F market was specially to invite our PIHDM adoptees and FIN to come and shop for items they needed, which were offered at very low prices .Some items were given away free, especially clothing.  
On 30/10 the adoptees were handed their monthly dry food rations plus Rm100 cash as a Deepavali gift.The sale was brisk for the 2 days and many items were quickly snapped up. 
On 7/11, Tzu Chi teams came to Catholic Centre and collected all the balance clothing for recycling. Other items were kept aside for future flea markets.
Many thanks to all volunteers and contributors for their support towards our common goal on Pope Francis' call to  Laudato Si. 
All Praise and glory to God. πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒ·

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